Be seen and heard – where will video take you?

If you’re not dabbling in some form of video content by now, then it’s time you gave it some high level considerations. The popularity of video marketing amongst consumers continues to grow as the preferred choice of medium. YouTube alone receives more than 1 billion unique visitors a month! Not only this, but incorporating video content on your website is also a smart move with search engines, who place a high value on it.

Syndacast predicts that 74% of all online traffic this year will be driven by video alone. So if you’re looking for ways to grow your online presence then video marketing should be your first choice. A creatively executed video with the right mix of YouTube marketing, can take your brand to new heights. And who knows, potentially even go viral!

Wanna go viral?

Let’s pitch you this… In less than 30 seconds you could make your next campaign be all over the net with a creatively executed video. Old Spice or Blendtec’s ‘Will it blend’ ring a bell?

Isn’t video marketing expensive?

Not these days! Advancements in video technology through social media platforms have made it even easier to shoot and produce your own custom videos. Gone are the days where you needed a big budget and hire a production company to do it all for you. Today you can do it all yourself or enlist the help of some experts to produce a creatively executed video, and get it done on a limited budget.

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Creating & marketing your video

Before we can start shooting, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure you’re getting the most out of your video campaign, to ensure you’re achieving maximum reach and your ROI.

Video marketing strategy

We’ll get together and map out a plan. Do you intend to use video for content creation or advertising? We’ll brainstorm content ideas and turn them into stories worth sharing. How often will you publish and where? What measures will you put in place to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign? It’s all set out in your strategy.

Video production

Our production crew will get to work shooting your video/s. We’ll also take a look at your social media channels to ensure you’re equipped and ready to publish and share your video campaigns to your intended audience.

YouTube advertising

If you’re producing a video for the purposes of advertising, then AdWords for video is what we recommend. With video being such a popular medium, YouTube is without a doubt one of the most effective advertising platforms around.

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The benefits of video marketing

The popularity of video isn’t slowing down, proving itself as an extremely effective tool to engage and connect with customers. It’s also great for:

Creating word of mouth – the sheer nature of videos makes it an appealing option for consumers to share videos they have enjoyed or that have made a positive impact on them.

Generating brand awareness – we already know videos are popular so by showcasing yourself in a video format, you’re providing another avenue for consumers to learn more about you.

Improving your SEO – it’s no secret that search engines love video content, and they’re already favouring websites that contain rich media within the search engine results pages.

Processing information –the human brain can process visual information much more effectively than information displayed in a text format.

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